Passive House Certified

Certified in Passive House building and design, Bozeman Sustainabuild owner, Jed Wolfrom, is excited to use his knowledge to build and preserve in beautiful Bozeman, MT.

Build for Comfort

Using Passive House techniques while building a new home or remodeling an old, will create a comfortable space that maximizes and holds heat in the winter while also cooling in the summer. Creating the perfect balance- all by design!

A Passive House is characterized by an especially high level of comfort with extremely low energy consumption. The energy savings for heating amount to over 80% in comparison with the legally prescribed standards for new buildings.

5 Basics of Passive House

  1. Solar Orientation
  2. Insulation/Mass
  3. High Performance Windows
  4. Air Tight Enclosure
  5. Balanced Ventilation with Heat Recovery